The Skin Walkers is a short work for two dancers playing with the shape shifting abilities of bodies and taking audiences to a strange world were both creatures need each other to function. In a research for choreographic vocabulary moving away from the natural body shape and trespassing the border of what is commonly viewed as human movement, Renaud has been seeking a mechanisation of movement illustrating the necessary interaction between both protagonists to function, like a clock work made of multiple pieces.



Past performances:


10th January 2010, The Place Theatre, London. (WORLD PREMIERE)

5th March 2010, Stratford Circus, London.

10th July 2010, Scoop Festival, London.

4th October 2013, InciDanse, Fribourg.

5th October 2013, InciDanse, Fribourg.

23rd November 2013, Dance City, Newcastle.

6th December 2013, Rich Mix, London.



Created and choreographed by:

Performers (original cast):


Production Manager/Lighting Design:

Renaud Wiser

Lisa Welham and Fiona Jopp

Antonin Wiser

Chris Swain

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