The Disappearing Act

renaud wiser dance company
A multimedia performance
The Disappearing Act is Renaud Wiser's latest production for his own company. The piece has been presented as part of Smoke Screens, an evening of works considering our interactions with virtual worlds re-shaping many of our human interactionsalso features Glitch... this site is currently under construction by Patricia Okenwa with original music scores by Feeder drummer Geoff Holroyde and Camouflage, a Virtual Reality installation devised by Okenwa in collaboration with Digital Artists Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský.
The Disappearing Act is a mixed media stage performance combining dance and projection in a thrilling production. Projection of moving bodies and mobile screens suggest the fractures identities and personalities of protagonists emerging from a world of mixed reality where one can hide behind online persona and reinvent oneself in a few clicks. In this work, Renaud's intent is to create a world where the body is interchangeable, replaceable, augmentable and where identities disappear under layers of digital content. The corporeal fades and gives way to the synthetic reproduction of its own image.
Concept & Choreography: Renaud Wiser
Performance & Choreographic Contributions: Clémentine Télesfort, Clara Villalba, Ihsaan De Banya
Music: Oliver Coates
Lighting Design: Chris Swain
The creation of The Disappearing Act has been made possible by generous support from Arts Council England, Pavilion Dance South West, Dance East, The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, The Swiss Cultural Fund in the UK, The Richard Thomas Foundation, Central Saint Martins, Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme and Greenwich Dance.