renaud wiser dance company
Creation 2013
Metropolis reflects on our complicated relationship with the city. We build to control, simplify, protect, but the city, much like a wild animal, resists domestication. Lost in a labyrinth, trapped in enclosed spaces, the protagonists battle to construct their personal space against an ever-changing foe they contributed to create. A cast of world class dancers builds or scatters a landscape of bricks and constantly redefines borders in their quest for comfort, security and happiness.
Concept & Choreography: Renaud Wiser
Performance & Choreographic Contributions: Aaron Vickers, Marina Hernandez Gonzalez, Gareth Mole and Lisa Welham
Music: David Lang
Lighting Design: Chris Swain
Producer: Lee Smikle (SmikleProject)
Metropolis is a 2013 Dance City Commission supported by Arts Council England, Greenwich Dance, Free to Fall and Kingston University.