digital umbilical, a virtual stage

body intelligence collective
an online interactive performance
In 2021, Renaud Wiser creates Digital Umbilical, a virtual stage with Body Intelligence Collective.
The recent pandemic reminded us of the importance of human connection and how simple, every day interactions are taken for granted and greatly missed in a situation of confinement. This particular time led us to reflect on how technology could be soulful and used as a medium for feeling deeply connected despite the physical distance. How can we live a moment of uniqueness and beauty and come close to experiencing emotions triggered by the particular circumstances of a live event while being in remote locations.
With Digital Umbilical, a virtual stage, Body Intelligence Collective is creating an interactive system where bio-data from both audience members and a performer are captured and fedback in a live-streamed performance. Connected users will share in real time their heart rate and breathing patterns via heartbeat monitors and their mobile phone, providing the rhythm on which the performer will dance and influencing the soundscape and movement choices.
The 15m long performance is watched live on a screen hosted by the venue, showing both graphic representations of audiences bio-data and the performer’s response. The dancer is dancing in a remote space, alone, yet he is connected to the audience’s physiological response to his presence, hearing their heart beats. He invites audiences to share a moment of warmth and uniqueness and offers an opportunity for an intimate artistic encounter.
Inspired by Digital Umbilical, an interactive stage performance created by Body intelligence collective in 2019, Digital Umbilical - a virtual stage is an evolution of the concept and a response to recent events of social distancing.
Dancer: Sharia Johnson
Producer: Lara Buffard
Choreographer: Renaud Wiser
Creative Technologists: Simon Haenggi & Jon Rowe
Digital Umbilical, a virtual stage is supported by Dansathon, Dance East and BNP Paribas.