digital umbilical workshop series

body intelligence COLLECTIVE
art workshop
Digital Umbilical workshop series is an art workshop focused on movement and well being designed especially to help nurses and health care workers alleviate stress and reconnect with their own body.
During a two hours session, our artists introduce participants to simple, easy to follow, dance movements and principles, such as gentle stretches and rhythmic stepping. As the workshop progresses, participants will be able to release tension, increase their physical awareness and give time to their own body. Together with the artists, they explore the role of body language in our relations to others and use technology (non invasive sensors) to understand other people’s physical and emotional states. Finally, a cool-down period and a discussion will allow participants to share their thoughts and reflections on the experience.
the participants interactions with the artists will allow them to better understand physiological dynamics at play during personal encounters, an artistic research towards a new stage creation planned for 2024.
The workshops are led by Body Intelligence Collective, a collective of artists and technologists exploring the relationship between art and technology in collaboration with Neuroscientist Danbee Kim.
This project is funded by Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants and the Swiss Cultural Fund UK and supported by the Royal college of Nursing, Dance City, Dance East and Pavilion Dance South West.