(Don't) tell me what to do

London Contemporary Dance School
Commission 2022
(Don’t) tell me what to do is a playful examination of the notions of obedience and disobedience, a series of scenarios where the performers explore freedom and constraints. Many thanks to the wonderful cast of dedicated dancers.
Choreographer / Maker: Renaud Wiser
Assistant: Anmol Kaur
Performed by and devised with: Lila Abdel-Kader, Erika Albano, Sarah Bender, Charlotte Coles, Daisy Dancer, Aishani Ghosh, Shanley Jorge-Elde, Daisy King, Erjia Liu, Dhama Lythgoe, William Metcalfe, Asa Mohammed, Scilla Rajalin, Archie Potesta, Hebe Salmon, & Hsinyu Wu
Thank you to Anmol Kaur and Lewis Walker for their contribution to the devising process
Sound: Dacw 'Nghariad I by Gavin Higgins, Beth Yw'r Haf I Mi by Gavin Higgins, Sawbones by Anna Meredith, Repetition by Max Cooper
Lighting: Mark Webber
Costume: Frances Morris
Production Manager: Ashley Bolitho
Technical & Production Coordinator: Imogen Harvey
Technical Manager: Marco Cifre
Head of Costume & Design: Sara Rowlands and Sharon Coleman
Communications Manager: Hannah Redfearn
Film Director: Roswitha Chesher
Camera Operator: Imogen Harvey
Digital Project Manager: George Rennison